As far back as I can remember, I could receive and read the vibrations of both the physical & spiritual realms easily. I clearly saw and communicated with things that others around me could not hear or see. I began closing myself to the vibrations of the spirit realm, not because I was afraid of what I was experiencing, it was the fear of what people told me I wasn’t experiencing. After reawakening my own gifts in midlife, I began to be able to draw upon the wisdom these experiences brought to me, through messages from the spirit world.
Through my abilities to connect in both the physical and the spiritual realms, I can help others, to raise their vibration of thinking and being. I teach others to tune into their own psychic abilities and how to begin connecting with the spirits around them. These connections bring through information from the spirit world. You'll learn spirits bring many different types of messages, sometimes they are even laced with a little humor. My hope is that your connection, becomes a journey of self discovery into the unknown.
By bringing you my gift of communication with the other side, I hope to help you heighten your senses, to start trusting your intuition and tune into the energies around you.  I will share tools with you that will help you receive messages from the other side, clearly. I will also share ways to move towards a more positive vibration with the mystical arts. Many of these tools will to help by giving you insight, into many of life’s struggles & questions about the "taboo" arts. Through self awareness and connection, you'll learn how to open your mind and achieve your own personal connection with the spirit world.

The spirits are waiting to speak with YOU! 

Many Blessings~


Missy Nichols, Psychic Medium

FOR INFORMATION:  314-517-5661

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